Overview & Facts


Spring goes into full bloom, yet you’re in real misery. Others fight battles with certain foods, chemicals, or airborne particles. What causes these reactions?

What Are Allergies?

What Is an Allergy?

This article explains the basics of an allergic reaction. Learn what happens when your immune system goes on high alert.


What Causes Allergies?

Almost anything can trigger an allergy. Read this in-depth article.

Allergens: They’re Everywhere

The air you breathe, whatever touches your skin, anything you put in your mouth – it’s all got potential for causing an allergy.

Nasal Polyps

Learn what nasal polyps are and their causes and treatments.

Are You at Risk?

How Bad Are Your Sinus Allergy Problems?

The Allergy & Sinus Symptom Evaluator will assess your symptoms, treatments, and medical history.

Who Gets Allergies?

You can blame heredity, but it’s not that simple. Read on to learn more.

Children & Peanut Allergy

Giving nuts to very young children can cause a potentially life-threatening allergy. Find out why.

Children & Bee Stings

Contrary to popular belief, many kids don’t outgrow bee sting allergies. Find out what can help.


How to Prevent Allergies

Take steps to identify and avoid your allergy triggers and find out how to prevent a serious reaction. Click here.